Biobest Antalya captivates visitors at health summit

Food safety is becoming increasingly important for Turkish consumers. Biobest Antalya participated in a three-day health summit organized in Bilecik. Its slogan “No food safety without biocontrol” was well received and functioned as an eye-opener to many visitors.

Public attention concerning food safety is increasing these days in Turkey. As consumers in this rapidly growing market are becoming more critical and demanding, questions about safe nutrition, and healthy fruits and vegetables arise. “Good agricultural practices and natural, organic production are becoming increasingly important in my country,” says Çağlar Çiftçi, assistant sales manager & marketing at Biobest Antalya.

A good illustration is the recent organization of the first edition of a special health summit in Bilecik, a city located 250 kilometres east of Istanbul. The summit took place from 21 to 23 May. The Turkey Natural Nutrition and Lifelong Health Summit invited academic, private and governmental experts to discuss organic production, food hygiene and safety, nutrition and dietetics and healthy living and sport.

Biobest Antalya decided to participate in this event with the slogan: ”No food safety without biocontrol”. “Actually we were a bit surprised to be the only crop management company at this event,” says Çağlar, “but it made us stand out from the crowd. The bumblebee showcase at our booth attracted a lot of visitors. We informed visitors about biological pollination and pest control. We also made them excited about safe and tasty food, offering delicious tomatoes grown by one of our customers, Yiğit Fidancilik.”

Overall, Biobest Antalya’s participation in the summit aimed to increase awareness of the tight relation between the use of biological solutions and safe food. According to Çağlar, there’s still a lot of work to do. But he is convinced that growing consumer emphasis on food safety and continuous efforts by Biobest Antalya to educate growers about successful use of biocontrol will make a strong impact on Turkish agriculture.’

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