Biobest Antalya booth “buzzing” at Fethiye Agritech

This year the fifth Fethiye Agritech exhibition in Turkey received more than 20,000 visitors. The booth of Biobest Antalya drew a lot of attention.
Fethiye is located in the province of Muğla, on the south-western part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline. The city hosts the exhibition which is a candidate being the second largest after Growtech Antalya. From 15 to 18 April, more than 20,000 people visited the fifth edition of this trade fair with both Turkish and international exhibitors. Among the visitors were growers, farmers, distributors and students, all active in pest control, seed and seedling production, and agricultural machinery.
Biobest, through its subsidiary Biobest Antalya, participated for the first time as an exhibitor. Çağlar Çiftçi, Assistant sales manager & marketing at Biobest Antalya, was very enthusiastic: “It was much better than our highest expectations. We gained a lot of interest from visitors, who were very excited about our bumblebee solution for pollination and beneficials for biological pest control.”
Biobest is active in Turkey since 1998. According to Çiftçi, today almost every Turkish tomato grower uses bumblebees for pollination. Interest in other crops, including fruit crops in open field is growing rapidly.
Also biological pest control is gaining market share every day. The past five years Turkish growers relied more and more on Biobest’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. Çiftçi: “Today IPM is mainly applied in tomato and pepper. Once a grower starts with IPM, they never return to their old practice. Our ambition is to introduce IPM to all growers in Turkey for a growing range of crops.”

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