Biobest’s new Nutri-App makes Nutrimite™ application even easier

Feeding predatory mites, to establish a large and reliable population ahead of the pest, has become a fundamental tool in integrated pest management.

Biobest’s Nutrimite™ is a food supplement composed of specially selected pollen. While Nutrimite™ can be manually spread, for larger areas we recommend using an electrical blower device - such as Makita DUB182Z. Now, with the help of our Nutri-App specially adapted accessory, you can spread Nutrimite™ more accurately and easily in all crops helping to ensure a well-spread predatory mite population.

Our improved Nutri-App offers several advantages. You can now attach the 500-gram Nutrimite™ bottle directly on to the device, eliminating the problem of pouring pollen from one bottle into another. In addition, the bottle can be turned in different positions to ensure it is completely emptied and nothing is wasted. Developed in-house, the new improved Nutri-App offers additional benefits at a good price.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact your Biobest advisor.

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