Biobest, the sustainably growing IPM Company, keeps on investing in its leadership

Over the past years, Biobest has grown on all levels. The company is developing more effective products and is successfully providing new biological solutions to fight pests and diseases in more countries worldwide.
Biobest also is constantly gaining larger market shares in its established and new markets. The secret of this sustained and sustainable growth lays in three defining factors the company treasures: Innovation, People and Customer care.

The future is now!

Biobest is an innovation-driven company, and we are stepping up the pace. As a pioneering company developing for more than 25 years now, Biobest became a well-known name for integrated crop management, bumblebee pollination and biocontrol. Over the past years, our R&D department, led by Dr. Felix Wäckers, has grown strongly both in terms of highly qualified personnel, equipment and facilities. We are fully equipped to carry out basic and applied research in laboratory, semi-field and field environments. Our scientists work worldwide to generate global and local innovations and solutions. We actively work with a network of international scientists, universities and institutes. This investment is paying off in major break-through innovations such as the “Flying Doctors system®”, that was presented at world’s biggest tradeshow on Fresh Produce, Fruit Logistica, at Berlin.

Biobest is its people!

A growing company needs a sound basis of qualified personnel. We are taking on new challenges and we can do so because we have been able to strengthen our R&D and operational forces with some of the best people in the field. We are very proud to present our ‘new arrivals’:

  • Juliette Pijnakker is a specialist in greenhouse biocontrol, especially in the use of predatory mites against thrips, whitefly and tarsonemid mites in rose and gerbera. She is joining the scientific support team for the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
  • Dr. Sarah van Beneden, our new Senior Scientist Microbials, is a renowned Phytopathologist and agricultural Bio-engineer with a passion for the control of soil-dwelling pathogenic fungi using microbial fungicides.
  • Dr. Veerle Mommaerts is one of the driving forces behind our new “Flying Doctors®”-concept. This internationally acknowledged Bumblebee specialist will continue her basic and applied work on bumblebees as pollinators and as vectors of biocontrol agents.
  • Niek Steeghs is our new Director Operations North–America and Asia. He has a strong background in bumblebee production. He will also join the Executive Committee.
  • Herman van Mellaert, who has been with our company in the past as R&D manager, will rejoin Biobest in the new function of Director Business Development. Herman, too, will be on the Executive Committee.


 You are Biobest!

Sustainable crop management and bumblebee pollination are showing strong growth worldwide. Biobest is proud to be able to contribute to this ongoing sustainable revolution. We realize that, if we want to grow sustainably as a company, our growth must always serve the requirements of our customers.

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