BIO already thirty years at its BEST!

Time flies, like Biobest’s bumblebees that have flown around the world for thirty years now. As a pioneer in the production of bumblebees, Biobest has become a leader in pollination and biological crop protection with more than fourteen subsidiaries and distributors in over sixty countries.

Biobest has come a long way since 1987. It all started with the initiative of a vet, Roland de Jonghe, from Oevel. Ever since childhood, he has been fascinated by the wonderful world of bumblebees. At the age of nine, he had already written his first book about these little creatures. For tomato growers, this was the dawning of a new age. De Jonghe started producing bumblebees in his own garden, and even in his living room, from which Biobest blossomed - the first company to produce bumblebees on a large scale. As demand for bumblebees boomed, the initial climate room soon became too small. For many tomato growers, bumblebees became stalwart supporters.

Today, growers on every continent can rely on the help of our bumblebees. In 1989, Biobest started producing beneficial insects and mites. Now we are known worldwide for our biological crop solutions. Beneficial insects and mites, scouting and monitoring systems, pheromones and biopesticides have all been part of our product range for many years and helped us earn an important reputation and position on the international market. Of course, there are several reasons for the rising demand for biological products. Our bumblebees soon gained an important position in the fields of many growers who did not want to use pesticides any more for the wellbeing of their bumblebees. Furthermore, stricter pesticide regulations have led to more biological alternatives. Last but not least, consumers have played an important part in this development with rising demand for residue free products.

Progress is impossible without change. As an influential company, we always try to offer new and improved solutions. The wooden hives invented in the eighties have become sophisticated hives including many technological improvements. Think of Biobest’s patented Flying Doctors® System. But more importantly, we always stick to the principle that the customer is king: every day we offer our customers tailor-made advice.

However, we have not only broadened our product range - today Biobest can rely on the help of more than 650 employees. Of course, Biobest would not be Biobest without our distributors and customers, who haven't stopped believing in our company. Together we are ready for the next thirty years and therefore you are BEEing thanked!

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