Bee-lock: new lock-in system for bumblebees


As of July 2010 all standard and medium (S4) Biobest bumblebee hives will be equipped with the new Bee-lock system.

The new lock-in system consists of 2 parts:

  • A tapered tube
  • A check valve with ventilation openings

You can easily adjust the Bee-lock into a one-way or two-way opening by means of the blue slider. The one-way opening allows the bumblebees to enter but not to leave. Thanks to the ingenious ventilation openings, the brood odour remains in the nest, which strongly attracts the bumblebees to the hives.

The Bee-lock makes it easy to safely lock your bumblebee colony in the nest box. This can for example be necessary when performing chemical treatments that may have a negative effect on the pollinators.
For more information please contact your Biobest representative. 

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