AsperelloT34 Biocontrol in the US: a Biobest novelty for disease control in ornamentals

More and more ornamental growers realize that the use of biological control is important to produce a value added product, free of chemical residues, much preferred by consumers. Biological control of fungal diseases in the soil remains a challenge. With Asperello, Biobest brings US growers a new tool with significant advantages in terms of efficacy and economics.

A unique Trichoderma strain

AsperelloT34 Biocontrol contains the unique, naturally occurring, beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34. The strain was isolated and formulated by the company Biocontrol Technologies from Spain. The company chose Biobest to develop and distribute the product in North America because of its strong network and close ties with bio-minded growers in the ornamentals sector.

Proven efficacy against a broad range of diseases

“Numerous field and laboratory trials show that Asperello is an excellent product for protection against major root diseases in ornamentals like Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. The product works preventatively,” says Sarah Van Beneden, Product Manager at Biobest. “It has multiple modes of action. Asperello colonizes the roots and forms a barrier against pathogens. It not only outcompetes but also actively kills the pathogen. It supports healthy root growth and triggers the plant’s natural defence mechanisms. Asperello ensures sustained root protection up to 12 weeks.”

Highly concentrated

“Asperello really stands out from the crowd,” continues Sarah, “It has been selected from several hundred Trichoderma strains, taking into account efficacy and aggressiveness against the major root diseases. Every gram of commercial product contains a billion spores. That’s a very high concentration, and therefore Asperello is active already at low doses. It is a highly effective and economical solution for the growers.”

EPA registered

Harman Gilbert, Commercial Manager East and Biological Crop Protection expert: “The product already got a nationwide go-ahead from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a biopesticide against root diseases in protected ornamental crops. Sales will start shortly, as we are now in the process of obtaining individual state permits. Growers are encouraged to contact Biobest as to when the product will be released in their state.“

Asperello is sold in packages of 500 grams (17,64 oz) and is suitable for dip, spray, drench and chemigation (irrigation). The shelf life is 2 years. The product is applicable in different substrates, including soil, coir, compost, perlite and rockwool.

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