AMT GROUP – Natural production utilising natural energy

The Agriculture Management Technology (AMT) Group, based in Balıkesir, is leading the way in the Turkish agricultural sector producing quality tomatoes using sustainable production processes. As both a major grower and greenhouse supplier – combining modern Dutch technologies with Turkish engineering, the production, sales and marketing processes are managed professionally.

While in the process of expanding, AMT currently produces superior truss tomatoes in 4ha of climate-controlled glasshouses using high tech production methods and green energy in accordance with Global GAP regulations.

Using specialist machinery, developed in-house, waste from the olive industry is converted into thermal energy satisfying the business’s heating requirements.
Mehtap Çelebi, production manager, says; “in line with our eco-friendly production principles, the sustainable crop management began with the introduction of locally produced Biobest bumblebees – Bombus terrestris - for pollination.  

“More recently we have started to explore ways to minimise chemical applications, while generating more effective results. We are developing an integrated IPM strategy centred on the Nesidiocoris – System - Biobest’s locally produced predatory mirid bug Nesidiocoris tenuis. It is key for the control of whitefly and Tuta absoluta, our major pests. We chose Biobest as we trust their experience and knowledge.”

Looking to the future she says: “AMT is looking to diversify into other crops including orchids and anthurium. We believe Biobest’s knowledge and excellent technical services will play a significant role in the success of our sustainable crop management programmes for the future.”
As part of its community initiatives, the AMT Group is introducing its agricultural practices to disabled children while also promoting healthy production and consumption to local consumers.

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