Amblyseius-System becomes more eco-friendly

30/11/2018 - At Biobest we are constantly looking at ways to make our packaging more sustainable. Reducing reliance on plastic is a key focus. With this in mind, our team has redesigned the packaging for the Biobest bulk Amblyseius-System replacing plastic buckets with specially designed eco-friendly paper bags.

Amblyseius cucumeris is a predatory mite widely used to control thrips larvae and spider mites. Highly mobile, this predatory mite can survive on pollen in the absence of prey. With our bulk-Amblyseius-System, growers can make successful preventative introductions in pollen bearing crops.

This latest development replaces the plastic 5L buckets, previously used for our 125K, 250K and 500K bulk Amyblseius-Systems. It delivers the same predatory efficacy. The new packaging will be available from 3 December 2018.

Watch out for further eco-friendly packaging developments for our other mites, which we plan to roll out in the near future.

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