A brand new tool in Biobest’s toolbox for Tuta biocontrol

Use it smartly – Get tremendous trapping results

Many tomato growers had nightmares over the arrival of Tuta absoluta from South-America to the old Continent. Once established, the pest turned out to be a new and serious challenge, but one for which biocontrol does have some valuable tools to offer. With black sticky traps, Biobest is now introducing a brand new tool that fills a gap in the Tuta biocontrol toolbox. Try Biobest’s black sticky traps and do make sure to get the proper instructions for use from Biobest biocontrol professionals. Our tricks of the trade are tried and tested and will help you trap the enemy in much greater numbers.

“The foundation of Tuta biocontrol is smart introduction of Nesidiocoris”, says Juan-Luis Perez Calvo, General manager of Biobest Spain. “Nesidiocoris, especially when used in the tomato nursery, helps a lot to keep Tuta populations low. Nevertheless, early in the season, the Nesidiocoris army is often not yet at full battle strength and an extra tool to control Tuta is required. A smart trapping strategy can contribute the extra level of biocontrol that a grower needs.”

Biobest researchers know that insects often have a preference for certain colours and that this can be used in designing a customized trapping strategy. The results of the Biobest trials conducted in Almeria greenhouses were spectacular. When used in the proper way, captures of Tuta with black sticky traps were eight times higher than with yellow sticky traps and 40 times higher than with blue sticky traps.

“The right way to use the traps made all the difference” says Rocio Lopez, Technical representative at Biobest Spain. “Use black sticky traps in the same way as you typically use yellow ones, and you’ll have hardly any success. Use our proprietary instructions for use and our black traps turn into a Tuta cemetery. And, there’s another advantage to black sticky traps: unlike with yellow ones, Nesidiocoris is not at all attracted to it. Go for black, be nice to Nesi and ruthless to Tuta.”

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