‘ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol keeps working alongside disinfectants’

3/04/2018 - Some of the most popular questions addressed by growers are if ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® remains active when used in combination with water disinfectants, and what effect does it have on plant growth? These are all important questions, as disinfectants have microbial killing properties.

To find the answers, Julie Moelants carried out a trial in collaboration with PCS Ornamental Plant Research. The trial involved mixing 10 g/m3 (at the label rate) of the biofungicide into the substrate used for potted Chrysanthemums. Afterwards, the plants were irrigated from above twice a week for two months with several commonly used disinfectants.

Improved growth
Laboratory analyses showed Trichoderma was equally present after treatment with the disinfectants. This made Julie conclude that none of the disinfectants tested in this trial had a negative impact on the establishment of ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® in the substrate.

In addition, she noted that ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® resulted in improved root. This effect was visible in several treatments: the untreated control (water without disinfectant), copper sulfate, citric acid, chlorine dioxide and free chlorine 1. Hydrogen peroxide and free chlorine 2 treatments appeared to have a growth-enhancing effect on its own, reducing the visible improvements added by the ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® (see graph).


The effect of water disinfections on the establishment of ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® expressed as percentage of plants with good root system. Blue bars correspond to treatments without ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol®. Orange bars correspond to treatments with the addition of ASPERELLO™ T34 Biocontrol® incorporated to the potting mix.

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