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Research and innovation

We continue with biology. Our ambition is to offer growers efficient and natural solutions for every problem in their crop. Biobest invests in research and development as our R&D department has seriously developed with new and highly qualified collaborators, the latest technology and facilities.

Our R&D department is fully equipped to conduct basic and applied research in our labs but also in semi fields and full fields. Our own researchers collaborate with a network of researches, universities and institutes all over the world. We translate new ideas into new products, new introduction techniques and new strategies. Our products are put on the market after several field tests and demo trials.

A few examples of products:

  • With Nutrimite™ Biobest was the first company that launched a food supplement to preventatively build a strong army of predators.

  • With Flying Doctors® we combine pollination and biological control as our bumblebees spread the effective biopesticides in all flowers with great care.

The growing conditions change, new pests and resistance problems occur. Of course, Biobest reacts quickly on these new developments and invests constantly on research to be ready with suitable natural solutions.

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