Signal Clip

Mark the hotspots

What are Signal Clips? 

  • Coloured clips to mark pest hotspots in your crops to easily find them again
  • The different colours of the clips represent each another pest:

Red – Spider mite, Orange – Leafminer; Yellow – Whitefly; Green – Aphids; Blue – Thrips; Purple –other pests

What are the advantages of the Signal Clips?

  • Increased visibility of pest hotspots
  • More efficient monitoring of the pest

How do Signal Clips work?

  • First place the Signal Clips at the beginning of the row, in which you have noticed a hotspot
  • Afterwards, put the Signal Clips high on the crop wires to indicate these hotspots  
  • Choose the right colour in function of the pest you have spotted

In which crops can you introduce the Signal Clips?

  • Vegetable crop such as tomato and pepper
  • Ornamentals such as rose and chrysanthemum
  • Soft fruit such as strawberry and raspberry

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