Keep stress away and enhance performance under environmental stress.

What is Bluestim®?

  • Soluble powder for foliar application containing >96% of pure glycine betaine
  • Promotes the water and nutrients balance (such as Ca) of plants so that they are better protected against extreme conditions such as drought, temperature changes, salt or water stress

What are the advantages of Bluestim®?

  • Easy to apply through foliar application
  • Improved osmoregulation of the plant cells
  • Improved shelf life and fruit firmness
  • Reduced chance of blossom end rot and cracking
  • Natural and safe for people and environment

How does Bluestim® work?

  • Increases the glycine betaine percentage in the plant, thanks to a high concentration of glycine betaine (>96%)
  • Penetrates the plant surface and spreads throughout the entire plant within 24 hours
  • Stored in the plant cells, it improves the water and nutrients balance so extreme water absorption and leaching can be avoided
  • During osmotic stress, photosynthesis is improved and cell walls reinforced, resulting in e.g. higher yields and longer shelf life

In which crops can you use Bluestim®?

  • Soft fruit such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry
  • Vegetable crops such as tomato and sweet pepper
  • Lawn and golf courses
  • Ornamentals

Use crop protection products safely. Before using Bluestim®, please read the label and product information. Follow the instructions to avoid any danger for people and environment. Only use crop protection products that are authorized in the country of application.



Sealed aluminium bag


2 kg


soluble powder


fertilizer (Belgïum: EM012.V, France: AMM n° 1000042)
> 96% (g/g) glycine betaine, purified and crystallized
12% nitrogen water soluble
1,5% max. water content


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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