The reinforcement for predatory bugs

What is Artemac?

  • Alternative food source based on cysts of the brine shrimp Artemia spp.
  • Supporting product for the predatory bugs Macrolophus-System (M. pygmaeus) and Nesidiocoris-System (N. tenuis)
  • Used for adults as well as nymphs

What are the advantages of Artemac?

  • A solution used in rows and full fields
  • Maintains and spreads the predatory bug population in your crop
  • Also useful in case of low prey densities

How does Artemac work?

  • First use Nutrimac or Nutrimac-Plus for the population development in the introduction spots
  • Afterwards spray Artemac in rows or full fields for a better spread of the population in your crop

In which crops can you introduce Artemac?

  • Vegetable crops like tomato and aubergine (eggplant)

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