Tutasan® Trap

Keep track of the South American tomato moth

What is the Tutasan® Trap?

  • A handy pheromone trap specially designed for the South American tomato moth, Tuta absoluta
  • Tool for the timely detection of a new infestation, for monitoring population size and for creating a physical barrier

What are the benefits of the Tutasan® Trap?

  • Can be connected to a dripper
  • A built-in overflow ensures the water level is always maintained
  • With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment

How does the Tutasan® Trap work?

  • Male moths are naturally attracted to the Tuta absoluta pheromone, which must be introduced into the green basket in the centre of the trap
  • The trap is filled with water with a thin layer of oil on top
  • The moths land on the surface of the water where they remain trapped
  • Monitor the South American tomato moths in the trap at least once a week for a representative result

In which crops can you use the Tutasan® Trap?

  • Vegetables such as tomato


Tutasan® is packed in a box with 15 traps.

Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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