Droso Trap

Monitor your crop for the Japanese fruit fly

What is the Droso® Trap?

  • A specially designed, spherical, red pheromone trap for the Japanese fruit fly, Drosophila suzukii
  • Tool for the timely detection of a new infestation, for monitoring population size and for creating a physical barrier

What are the benefits of the Droso® Trap?

  • With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time, so you can intervene at the ideal moment
  • The colour and shape of this trap mimic the attractive fruit
  • In combination with the attractant Dros’Attract® more fruit flies are caught compared with other attractants such as apple cider vinegar
  • Attracts both adult males and females

How does the Droso® Trap work?

  • In addition to its attraction to the food attractant, D. suzukii is also naturally drawn to the colour of this trap
  • The fruit flies fly into the trap and drown
  • Monitor the fruit flies in the trap at least once per week for a representative result

In which crops can you use the Droso® Trap?

  • Berries such as strawberry and raspberry
  • Fruit cultivation such as cherry, peach, fig and grapes
  • Ornamentals such as Camellia japonica and Styrax japonicus
  • Orchards such as oak and cedar

Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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