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Bring the IPM Dream Team to your greenhouse

With a shared belief in the Human + Machine approach, Biobest & ecoation have joined forces to drive value for growers globally. The immersive operational visibility and digitized IPM workflow provided by ecoation’s platform combined with Biobest's expert technical & biological control advice provide an opportunity to optimize greenhouse IPM conditions, reducing the time between issue identification and action.

Awesome features

  • Real-time live alerts
    Location-aware OKO platform makes it possible to alert the operator in real-time, accurately record issues, and mark the area for follow up treatment.
  • 360 virtual walk
    8K immersive visibility of every row and post. From remote crop inspection to external consultation, you can be in more than one place at any time.
  • Dashboard & reports
    Powerful and intuitive, the ecoation dashboard is designed to cut through the data noise and deliver key information and alerts to growers.

Why add ecoation to your IPM toolkit?

  • Digitizing Data & Record Keeping
    Input scouting operations directly through ecoation OKO’s LCD touch screen and keep your data organized in the ecoation platform.
  • Industry Leading Analytics
    Access visual breakdown of insights and risk projections through web and mobile app, plus ecoation and Biobest experts curate recommendations based on multi-variable data.
  • Optimize Scout Efficiency
    LCD Live Alerts bring scout attention to pest & disease as they drive through row, allowing for confirmation and task assignment on the spot.
  • Data-Driven Cost Savings
    Analytics system utilizes OKO data inputs to review treatment plan efficacy and identify areas for labour and materials cost savings.

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Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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