To help you reduce labour and optimise biocontrol.

What it does

Offering fast and even distribution of beneficials in a wide range of glasshouse crops, Entomatic™ is our adaptable automatic dispenser to help you with:

  • Uniform distribution of mites and insects in your crop for improved biocontrol
  • Save labour
    by applying beneficials in multiple rows or bigger surfaces in one go (2-16 dispensing points)
    by an easy-to-handle dispenser that can be operated by one person
  • Adaptation to your growing system. No pipe rail, no problem! Entomatic™ is also mountable on carts, tractors, or spraying equipment already present at your farm.

How it works

Entomatic™ is a simple modular machine which is highly adaptable and can be configured to suit almost all glasshouse crops- soft fruit, protected salads and ornamentals and any growing system. It has been designed to be easy to configure and intuitive to use. Below you a see an example of how Entomatic™ can look like


Entomatic™ generates an airflow into which the insects or mites and their carrier are gently and homogenously introduced. The beneficials travel through the flexible tubes to the dispensing points (anywhere between 2 and 16) and are released onto the crop.

Entomatic Entomatic Entomatic
Gentle, continuous and homogeneous mixing in 25L reservoir (lower and upper mixers) Highly accurate dosing rotator for continuous and homogeneous supply to dispensing points Adjustable dispensing point for gentle application on the leaves of your crop (no waste)

Want to know more?

Download our Entomatic™ flyer
Watch the How to use movie

Contact your biobest advisor or info@biobestgroup.com


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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