Versatile and voracious predatory mite

What is Swirskii-Long-Life-System?

  • The biological control agent Amblyseius swirskii
  • Most frequently used generalist predatory mite in covered crops
  • Efficient against e.g. whitefly and thrips
  • Delivered in breeding sachets  

What are the benefits of Swirskii-Long-Life-System?

  • Continuous release of the predatory mites
  • Used preventatively
  • In addition to thrips and whitefly, they also eat other small pest organisms such as spider mites and tarsonemid mites
  • They easily adapt to high temperatures
  • They also survive on pollen
  • Excellent boost effect by feeding with Nutrimitein absence of prey 

How does biological control with Swirskii-Long-Life-System work?

  • The predatory mites eat young thrips larvae
  • They also devour eggs and larvae of both the greenhouse and tobacco whitefly
  • The predatory mites eat 5 to 10 prey a day
  • A large food supply results in rapid population growth
  • By using the alternative nourishment Nutrimite, the A. swirskii population grows even without prey 

In which crops can you introduce Swirskii-Long-Life-System?

Want to know more? Please contact your Biobest advisor for tailored advice.



Packaging: 500 sachets/box

Contents: at least 250 predatory mites

Carrier: bran with factitious prey

Walking out: approx 2.000 predatory mites over a 8 week period


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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