Brown lacewing species of which both adults and larvae predate on aphids

What is Micromus-System?

  • Brown lacewing Micromus angulatus
  • Both larvae and adults are voracious predators of aphids
  • Apart from aphids, they can also prey upon other soft bodied arthropods such as mealybugs

What are the benefits of Micromus-System?

  • Adults are very robust; they can develop in colder temperatures, they survive at low prey availability and have a long lifespan
  • Low rates of cannibalism; prey sharing can occur when aphid pressure is low
  • Both the larvae and the adults are great prey detectors
  • Female adults can live for up to 70 days and lay up to 1,000 eggs

How does it control pests?

  • Both larvae and adults predate on agriculturally important aphid species
  • One larva can consume an average of 130 aphids before it enters pupation
  • One adult can consume up to 100 aphids per day
  • M. angulatus can complete its development in temperatures as low as 10 °C/50 °F
  • Micromus-System is compatible with and complementary to existing commercial solutions for aphid control. Combine with parasitoids, hoverflies, Aphidoletes-System or Chrysopa-(E)-System to reduce the number of aphids even more drastically

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Micromus-System – 250

Packaging: 240 ml carton cup (100% biodegradable)
Content: 250 adult lacewings
Carrier: Honeycomb paper


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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