Dacnusa sibirica: efficient parasitic wasp against leaf miners

What is Dacnusa sibirica?

  • Parasitic wasp
  • Efficient beneficial against leaf miners
  • Adults are dark brown to black in colour, 2 to 3mm in size, have long antennae and wings that exceed the length of their abdomen

What are the benefits of Dacnusa sibirica?

  • Excellent prey searching capacity
  • Dacnusa sibirica can distinguish non-parasitized from parasitized leaf miner larvae
  • Parasitizes leaf miners effectively, even at low prey density
  • Offers good control, even in colder weather conditions
  • Can be introduced in early spring

How does it control pests?

  • Adult females lay their eggs in the leaf miner larvae, allowing the parasitic wasp to develop safely
  • They lay their eggs in non-parasitic larvae, making them even more efficient
  • Dacnusa sibirica has a preference for the first and second development stages of the leaf miner larvae
  • The larva of the parasitic wasp goes through the different development stages inside the host

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Packaging: 250 ml plastic bottle

Contents: 250 adults

Carrier: not applicable


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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