Voracious wolf in sheep’s clothing to control mealybug hot spots

What is Cryptolaemus-System?

  • The black-brown ladybird Cryptolaemus montrouzieri of about half a centimetre
  • Both the larvae and the adults are efficient against several mealybugs species such as the citrus mealybug Planococcus citri and the obscure mealybug Pseudococcus viburni 

What are the benefits of Cryptolaemus-System?

  • The adults are good fliers with a good search capability
  • Most efficient biological control agent of large mealybug hot spots
  • The larvae are covered in white waxy threads to mimic the mealybugs
  • Also survive on alternative prey such as aphids and scale bugs 

How does biological control of Cryptolaemus-System work?

  • Females lay up to 400 eggs in the hot spots
  • Adults and old larvae are the most voracious ones
  • Adults and young larvae prefer eggs and young mealybugs, while adult larvae feed on all stages of the mealybug
  • They consume 30 to 70 prey a day
  • The damned larvae penetrate a mealybug colony inconspicuously 

In which crops can you introduce Cryptolaemus-System?

  • Ornamental crops such as rose
  • Fruit crops such as grapes
  • Vegetable crops such as pepper 

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Cryptolaemus-L-System 250

Packaging: 250 ml tube

Contents: 250 larvae

Carrier: buckwheat and vermiculite



Packaging: 250 ml tube

Contents: 500 adults

Carrier: filter paper


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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