Reliable predator against large aphid species

What is Aphelinus-System?

  • The parasitic wasp Aphelinus abdominales against several large aphid species and Myzus species
  • Frequently used biological control agent of the potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae and the foxglove aphid Aulacorthum solani

What are the benefits of Aphelinus-System?

  • Not obstructed by hyperparasites, whereas this can be the case with other parasitic wasps during the summer months
  • Long-term activity compared to other aphid controllers
  • Parasitize larger and winged aphids
  • Important contribution to biological control of small aphids through host feeding, also on aphids which they do not parasitize
  • More resistant to summer temperatures than other parasitic species
  • Do not swarm out, so that they stay locally active

How does biological control with Aphelinus-System work?

  • Female parasitic wasp puncture the host and lay an egg
  • 1 parasitic wasp parasitizes 5 to 10 aphids a day
  • Optimal parasitic capacity is reached from the third day and is maintained for up to 3 weeks
  • In this way they can parasitize up to 250 aphids
  • The parasitic wasps parasitize adults and nymphs  
  • Parasitized aphids change into black mummies

In which crops can you introduce Aphelinus-System?

  • Vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, eggplant and runner beans
  • Ornamental crops such as gerbera, rose and chrysanthemum

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Packaging: 30 ml plastic tube

Contents: 250 mummies

Carrier: buckwheat



Packaging: 100 ml plastic tube

Contents: 1.000 mummies

Carrier: buckwheat


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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