PMV®-01 (USA)

PMV®-01, a vaccination strategy against PepMV in tomato

What is PMV®-01?

  • PMV®-01 is a sustainable and biological solution against damage caused by the Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV).

  • PMV®-01 is a preventive vaccination that works through cross-protection, which is a well-known mechanism in plant virology.

  • PMV®-01 contains a unique, mild and stable CH2 PepMV isolate, which colonizes the plant quickly and protects your crop until the end of the growing cycle.

  • PMV®-01 is part of a complete vaccination strategy, including good hygiene measures.

  • The level of protection depends on the genetic similarity between PMV®-01 and the PepMV isolate(s) attacking the plant.

  • PMV®-01 is part of a complete vaccination strategy, including a careful cleanout of the greenhouse before planting, analysis of leaf samples before and after vaccination, and strict hygiene measures in the greenhouse.

Why tomato growers choose PMV®-01

  • Protects tomatoes against damage and yield loss caused by PepMV.

  • Widely proven to be a good solution for PepMV problems in the EU and Morocco.

  • Based on many years of scientific research.

  • EPA-registered as a plant protection product in the USA according to FIFRA section 3, with reg. No. 9255-1.

Note: Contact your Biobest advisor for more information about the availability of the product in your state.




Type: plastic bottle

Volume: 1 qt.

Formulation: suspension concentrate (SC)

Content: 5 x 1011 viral particles / qt.


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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