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We take pride in making the best of nature work for your business. 

We offer tailor-made biological control and pollination strategies for professional growers all over the world. How do we do this? With a broad product range, extensive on the ground experience, and a passion for quality. 

Biological pest control

The sustainable solution for pest control! Harness the amazing power of our beneficial insects, mites, nematodes and micro-organisms. Use less pesticide, offer a healthy work environment, and most importantly: grow a healthy residue-free crop. Biobest biological and eco friendly solutions for pest and disease control are the answer to today's market demands.

Biological disease control

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Bumblebee pollination

Discover how we make more than 25 years of pioneering in this field work for your crops: proven and innovative pollination strategies.

Monitoring and scouting

Sticky traps and rolls, pheromone lures, a variety of trapping systems, ... With our wide range of tools for monitoring and scouting we offer complete solutions to professional growers around the world.   

Supporting products

Products to boost your beneficials and to bring your plants into optimal shape. We offer a range of supporting products to help you make the best of nature work for your crops. Stable, residue-free, biological, sustainable.

High Tech

Step up your IPM game with our state-of-the-art technological solutions designed to gather high quality and accurate data to fuel our technical support and to empower growers of protected crops across the globe! Discover how we provide the newest monitoring solutions based on inventive automation and artificial intelligence.

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