Bumblebee species

Biobest produces several bumble bee species for different parts of the world, meeting the local legislations.

Our bumble bee species are:




Bombus terrestris

Biobest Belgium / Biobest Antalya,/ Biobest China

Europe, Africa, Asia & Chile

Bombus terrestris audax

Biobest Belgium

only in UK

Bombus canariensis

Biobest Belgium

only in Canary Islands

Bombus ignitus

Biobest Belgium

only in Japan

Bombus impatiens

Biobest Canada / Biobest Mexico

North, Central and South America

Bombus atratus

Biobest Argentina

South America

Bombus huntii

Biobest Canada

Western Canada


Please check with local authorities which bumblebee species are allowed to be used.

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