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Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) is one of the most important viruses in greenhouse tomato crops worldwide.

The most typical symptom caused by PepMV is marbling of the tomato fruit, which causes extensive damage and considerably lowers the market value. Other typical symptoms caused by PepMV are nettle-heads, chlorosis, yellow spots on the leaves, leaf mosaics and brown calyxes. In addition, PepMV can aggravate symptoms of physiological disorders, including fruit discolorations (blotchy ripening), open fruits and leaf blistering.

PepMV does not only cause quality losses, but can also result in significant production losses. Greenhouse trials and grower questionnaires revealed that average quality losses range from 4 to 15% and average production losses range from 4 to 12%.

The virus is highly infectious and is mainly mechanically transmitted, for example via tools, hands, clothing, contact between infected and healthy plants or at propagation during grafting.

At the moment, there are no curative solutions available. Prevention of PepMV infection is feasible by implementing good hygienic practices in combination with a vaccination strategy.

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