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Bulb mite

The bulb mite (Rhizoglyphus robini) is a highly frequent pest in bulbous plants. They can cause a lot of damage in the bulb growing industry, in particular during the multiplication of bulbs.


Damage to the bulb can be direct as well as indirect. While feeding, the mite makes little holes in the bulb which can cause malformation and growth inhibition. Furthermore, this damage can be the ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi.

Description and life cycle

The bulb mite is a small and slowly moving mite. It is brown coloured growing to 0.3 to 0.6 mm in length with a spherical shaped body and brown coloured legs and jaws. The development rate depends on the temperature. At 16°C, it takes around 40 days to develop from egg to egg and only 12 days at 27°C. The mites prefer to live in moist soil and between bulb scales.

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