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Raspberry and blackberry

The cultivation process of raspberries and blackberries is challenging, as they are affected by changing weather conditions. Moreover, various destructive pests and diseases can occur in your crop. 

Biological control

The use of chemical products is reducing thanks to stronger regulations and a growing awareness of customers. Therefore, the demand for natural solutions rises.

Use biological control to ensure vigorous and strong raspberry and blackberry crops. In this way, you can cut back on harmful and persistent pesticides. Pests can develop resistance to pesticides. You will be required to use more and more chemicals to achieve the same result, creating a vicious circle.

The advantages of biological control are countless:

  • a first line of defence against pests and diseases

  • a fine, high-quality yield

  • a safe working environment for you and your employees

  • environmental friendliness

  • residue-free production 

Natural pollination

Cross-pollination results in an optimal fruit setting and more seeds in the berries. If the flowers are well-pollinated, they grow bigger and more luscious fruit.

Bumblebees visit more flowers than other pollinators, which favours cross-pollination. Thanks to their big and hairy bodies, bumblebees cover a large part of the flower, which allows more pollen to be transferred during each visit to the flower. Bumblebees remain active on cloudy and colder days, making them very suitable pollinators for early flowering crops. 

Using bumblebees has many advantages: 

  • efficient pollination, even in less favourable weather conditions

  • better fruit quality

  • more fruit

  • higher yield

So, if you choose to use bumblebees, you will be guaranteed to see your profits rise. 

Flying Doctors®

Did you know that bumblebees contribute to protecting your crop against Botrytis? Fruit rot in raspberries caused by Botrytis already starts during the flowering. The disease remains latent for a prolonged period of time. Later on, after the harvest or while stocking the fruit, this disease becomes visible. 

Combine pollination and crop protection by using special formulated microbial pesticides in the Flying Doctors® Hive. Enjoy all the benefits of bumblebee pollination and receive all the added benefits of effortless crop protection. The Flying Doctors® bumblebees do all the work: pollination as well as protection.

Tailored advice

Both distributors and consumers value fruit that is being produced in a sustainable way. Therefore, the correct use of Integrated Pest Management and bumblebee hives is as essential for ensuring a sustainable crop as it is for generating sales. 

Please ask you Biobest advisor for advice and he/she will help you grow raspberries and blackberries in a safe and sustainable way. 

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