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Kiwi and Kiwiberry

Less work and a higher kiwi yield, thanks to the Flying Doctors® Hive

Bumblebee pollination with the Flying Doctors® Hive

Did you know that kiwi plants are dioecious – each plant is either male or female? Only the pollinated flowers on female plants develop into fruits. They require a great deal of pollen in order to produce large numbers of high-quality fruits. And that is where the Flying Doctors® can make all the difference!

To pollinate kiwis, growers use pre-collected pollen from male plants. Traditionally, growers pollinate their kiwi plants mechanically, but why not choose the Flying Doctors® Hive?

When using the Flying Doctors®, all you need to do is introduce the collected pollen into the bumblebee hive. The bumblebees do the rest! When they leave the hive, the pollen adheres to their bodies. Thanks to their large, hairy bodies, they bring large quantities of pollen to the flowers while ensuring good contact with the flowers themselves. Deploying the Flying Doctors® also reduces pollen waste, because the bumblebees introduce the pollen straight into the blossoms. The result? Less work and less pollen waste, without having to sacrifice quality or yield.

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