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Kiwi and Kiwiberry

Bumblebee pollination in kiwi and kiwiberry orchards

Kiwi and kiwiberries are dioecious, which means that male and female viable reproductive structures are on separate plants. Female flowers require an extremely high number of pollen grains to produce high-class fruits. To obtain plentiful, good fruit, an even distribution of pollen is required in the crop. Scientific research shows that bumblebee pollination achieves better results than wind-blown pollination. 

Many advantages in kiwiberries thanks to pollination: 

  • more pollen per visit to the flower

  • more contact with the stigma

  • higher number of seeds

  • bigger kiwi fruits 

  • better fruit quality

  • higher yield

Furthermore, the benefit increases even more when using the Flying Doctor's hive with kiwi pollen.

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