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Medicinal cannabis

The purest possible end product thanks to biological control

IPM makes the difference

Natural products are an inevitable aspect in your medicinal cannabis crop. Due to strict regulations on crop protection products in cannabis, IPM or Integrated Pest Management offers solutions for your crop problems. Moreover, you guarantee the pureness of the active components such as CBD because your medicinal cannabis is free of any residues or other contaminants.  

Biological control in medicinal cannabis

Have you ever thought of using biocontrol solutions in your cannabis crop? In that case Biobest offers you a wide range of solutions that you can introduce safely at any time. Are you looking for the most efficient, efficacious and sustainable solutions? In the menu you find, you can find several products such as:

Did you know that

… medicinal cannabis has several healing properties that are of big importance for people suffering from a neurological or degenerative disorder such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis? As Cannabis sativa reduces the symptoms, more and more people are starting to use medicinal cannabis. To guarantee the pureness of the product, chemical crop protection products are out of question and growers rely on biological solutions and monitoring tools to achieve their phytosanitary goals.

More information? Biobest has a team of crop specialists with a wide experience in cannabis crops around the world.

All activities engaged by Biobest Group NV on cannabis refer exclusively to the legally regulated and authorized cultivation of cannabis. Such activities include, but are not limited to, research, development, registration and commercialization of products, either own or from third parties.
Any advice given by Biobest Group NV or any of its subsidiaries, either orally or written (on paper or through online resources) is only aimed at the legalized cannabis cultivation. This includes but it is not limited to advice regarding cultivation processes or protection of the crop from pests and diseases. Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of Biobest products. Contact your authorities or your regular Biobest contact. Use plant protection products safely. Read the label and product information before use, and apply in accordance with specified directions for use.


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