Protect your herb crops with our many IPM solutions

IPM makes the difference

Biological products have become an essential aspect of herb crop cultivation. But why is it such a good idea to choose IPM or integrated pest management?

  • to prevent pests and diseases becoming resistant to chemical pest control
  • to comply with strict regulations and meet consumer demands
  • you choose residue-free and therefore natural herbs.
  • to reduce the risk of yield losses.
  • You reap the benefits by choosing IPM. How? You can count on increased cost effectiveness and improved fruit quality. That’s how you optimise your competitive position.

Biological control in herbs

Will you also opt for biological crops? If so, Biobest offers many solutions that can be used safely at any time. You can use:

Did you know that...

many herb growers rely on biological pest control? Herbs have a rapid production cycle, which means most long-acting chemical products cannot be used. Furthermore, an extensive selection of fresh herbs − including basil, chives, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme − are used in cooking, medicine and aromatic products.

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