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Biocontrol and crop care advice

Let the best of nature work for your crops

Need more information on biological control or pollination in your crop or a specific application field? Reading our crop-specific information is a good start. Need more specifics? Contact us through our advice module on this page.

General recommendations

IPM and pollination strategies may vary according to your specific situation. Contact your nearest Biobest advisor to discuss a tailor-made strategy.

Before introducing beneficials or bumblebees, the greenhouse and the crop should be in the right condition. Absence of harmful pesticide residues is particularly important.

Careful pest monitoring is important for successful biocontrol. Use Bug-Scan® sticky traps and pheromone traps for detection of flying insect pests. Also check for pest presence and pest damages on your crop.

Follow carefully the user's instructions when releasing beneficials or using bumblebees.

Legislation differs by country. Check whether a specific product is authorized and/or whether specific conditions of use apply.

If preventative measures and biological control do not provide sufficient control of the pest, a corrective treatment with compatible products may be necessary as part of your IPM strategy. Consult the Biobest Side Effect List or your Biobest advisor.

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