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Technical support by Biobest

Tailored advice, that is our goal.
Our technical advisors and international specialists are ready for you.

Technical advisors
Our organisation has technical experts in biological pollination and control in each country. These advisors

  • visit you personally and have a close look at the problem in your crop  

  • work on a tailored solution based on the large product portfolio of Biobest

  • have the know-how and a thorough product knowledge

  • assure you a correct implementation and follow-up

Please register and we will introduce you to an advisor in your region. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

An international technical team
Our technical advisors in every country can count on the support of several members of the IPS team. This team of IPM and Pollination Specialists consists of advisors having many years of experience in the field. They provide you with several solutions for the most complex problems in several countries and on almost every continent. They have years of know-how and experience in several crops and crop systems. They can count on the help and advice of experts of every department within the Biobest Group.

Biobest Knowledge & Training center
The Biobest Knowledge and Training Center supports the entire story. The Knowledge and Training Center supports the knowledge exchange between these people in all these countries by organising training sessions for technical experts and the IPS Team. Furthermore, we also organise tailored training sessions for groups of growers. Are you interested? Please contact Paco Lozano of Biobest Group NV at paco.lozano@biobestgroup.com.


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