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Reaching out to growers: Biobest as a global player

24 subsidiaries and more than 120 distributors in almost 70 countries.

Biobest helps growers in almost 70 countries from its headquarters in Belgium and some subsidiaries on a strategical location. We are happy that we can reach more and more people as Biobest employs more than 1700 professionals worldwide. Biobest guarantees a worldwide service thanks to geographical well-spread subsidiaries, production locations, sales representatives and technical experts. Do you want to discover all companies in the Biobest group? Please click here.

In other countries, Biobest’s distributors are important partners for you as a customer to help you achieve your economic and ecological goals. We focus on qualitative products and tailored advice. Please click here to consult a list of the Biobest distributors.

Please register on our website and we introduce you to an advisor in your region.


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