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R&D on Green solutions

Why does Research and Development (R&D) have a significant role in our company?

  • Growing demand of consumers for safe, healthy and high-quality food

  • In comparison to research on new chemical pesticides, still too less research is invested in natural solutions

  • More innovative solutions for research on biological pollination and protection

Why is Biobest strong in research and development?

  • Strong and professional in-house R&D expert’s team

  • Double lever on our investments in R&D. Our turnover grows and we invest an even bigger part of our turnover in R&D

  • We closely work together with international reputable universities and research centers in agriculture

Biobest’s groundbreaking innovations thanks to R&D investments

  • NutrimiteTM to stimulate predator populations in your crop

  • Flying Doctors® hives to carefully spread biological pesticides or precollected pollen

The central research & development themes at Biobest

  • Optimisation of product methods
    Biobest intends to deliver all orders of customers on time at a competitive price. Therefore, our production methods must be stable and efficient. Every organism has other feeding needs, another life cycle or genetical background. The key to success: a close collaboration between biologists and production specialists.

  • New pollination and control strategies with the emphasis on local and native
    We are constantly looking for new organisms having potential in the world of pollination and biological control. We develop several applications in other crops and/or other countries for beneficials we offer on a commercial basis. Euseius Gallicus is an example of a beneficial introduced by Biobest.

  • More efficient use and an easier introduction of biological beneficials
    We work on a broad range of techniques:

    • to introduce beneficials more efficiently to your crops (e.g. better packaging and machines to simplify the introduction)

    • to help beneficials to build and maintain a strong population e.g. adjusted food for beneficials like Nutrimiteand Nutrimac

    • Extensive knowledge about compatibility between beneficials and chemical products for biological control

  • Research on pollination
    More and more growers are worried about good pollination strategies in their crop as populations of natural pollinators and bumblebees are dropping. Moreover, there are often new species that are very demanding (e.g. in pear). Biobest invests on innovative pollination research, thanks to which our company can offer an even bigger range of local bumblebee species all over the world. Think of Bombus atratus in South-America for example or other western species for the western part of North America. We also focus on new technologies like the use of Flying Doctors® for pollination.

  • Expansion of our product range to new product types
    Many might know Biobest as a producer and supplier of bumblebees and beneficial insects and mites. However, we also produce biopesticides, nematodes, traps, lures and pheromones to provide you with natural solutions. Our goal: to offer growers a natural solution for each problem.

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