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Quality control built-in

Goal of quality control
Our growers offer standardised and effective products at all times and locations.

The same strict standards apply to our biofactories and hubs all over the world. These standards make sure that each product

  • has no diseases and contaminations

  • contains the number of beneficials indicated

  • is efficient

How do we control?
On every location, Biobest has a quality team with a person in charge of the quality. They monitor the entire production chain and test the end product acting strictly on ‘Standard Operating Procedures’.

Objective international standards
As a member of the International Organization of Biological Control, Biobest follows the IOBC guidelines for the quality control of its beneficials.

Your feedback matters
Biobest values the feedback of all its customers. We use your input with care to guarantee transparency in all results of our quality control.


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