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As a leading company focussing on R&D, we have the right facilities at our disposal to carry out in-house lab and field tests. Our Greenlab has a key role to play on this matter. Many separated departments allow to carry out tests at the same level under circumstances that closely approach the reality.

Our Greenlab team is experienced in examining the side effects of pesticides on beneficials and bumblebees. Our renowned team is always ready to carry out some test to provide you with an even better service. With our knowledge, we translate these results immediately in an IOBC/WPRS classification as well as an optimal IPM strategy.


Are you interested in having tests conducted in our Greenlab? Please contact:

Prof. Felix Wäckers                                       
Director Research & Development                   
Biobest Group NV                                                
Ilse Velden 18                                            
B-2260 Westerlo                                          
Tel: +32 14 25 79 80                                  


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