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Advisor, a tailored solution for your crop

While high-quality, biological products is where it all starts, Biobest takes it a step further. Our goal is to provide you, as a grower, with tailored solutions for your crop. Successful pollination and biological control deserve the best knowledge and care. Having built up this knowledge within our company, we like to share it with you. Our Biobest advisors in the field strive to help you find the best biological solution for your crop.

We continually invest in the education of our advisors to enable them to share our knowledge and expertise with thousands of growers all over the world. Our team of international crop specialist sets out to optimise this knowledge transfer. To provide the highest standard, we maintain a strong focus on pollination and biological crop protection in core crops; such as protected vegetables and ornamentals, soft fruit and plant propagation. Those are the areas where we aim to excel and accept the challenge to develop a general approach with natural solutions for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a Biobest advisor for tailored advice about your crop.

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