About Biobest (n/a)

Effective natural crop care, residue free  

Biobest is a leading provider of solutions for sustainable crop management. Its product range covers biocontrol of pests and diseases and bumblebee pollination.

Biobest pioneered commercial bumblebee production (since 1987). The company’s offering today includes a broad range of bumblebee species and hive types to deal with a wide range of protected and high-value open field crops in five continents. The company’s Flying DoctorsR hives, launched in 2013, enable precision-delivery of pollen or biocontrol agents by bumblebees.

Biobest mass-produces more than 30 species of beneficial insects and mites. These natural enemies serve as a strong "first line of defense" in integrated pest management and for organic growers. Biobest’s product portfolio further includes entomopathogenic nematodes, biopesticides, traps, pheromones as well as testing side-effects of pesticides on beneficials. In 2013 Biobest launched NutrimiteTM  : a unique food supplement for predatory mites that opens up entirely new possibilities in IPM. 

Biobest has multiple production locations, strategically spread across the five continents. The company’s products are sold in more than 50 countries, through its subsidiaries as well as through a network of specialized distributors. Biobest and its partners take pride in providing tailor-made advice to help customers reach their economical and ecological goals.


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