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As R&D Team Leader Pollination you drive continuous improvement, expand the knowledge base, and advance the development of sustainable and efficient pollination solutions for the benefit of farmers, ecosystems, and global food security.

Biobest is a pioneering company that revolutionized crop pollination by harnessing the pollination power of bumblebees. Founded in the late 1980s, the company recognized the vital role of pollinators in agriculture and sought to develop sustainable and efficient methods to enhance pollination in crops, especially in greenhouses. Bumblebees, with their unique ability to buzz pollinate, proved to be highly effective in improving fruit set and yield in various crops.

Since its inception, Biobest has remained committed to continuous improvement and innovation in pollination and biological control, using living agents for the control of agricultural pests. The company invests heavily in research and development to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its bumblebee and biocontrol products. Moreover, Biobest understands the importance of environmental sustainability and strives to lead in minimizing the impact of its bumblebee products on ecosystems by developing local bumblebee species as well as innovative strategies to assure the production of healthy, disease-free bumblebee colonies.

As R&D Team Leader Pollination you drive continuous improvement, expand the knowledge base, and advance the development of sustainable and efficient pollination solutions for the benefit of farmers, ecosystems, and global food security.

Purpose of the position and your responsibilities

You will play a pivotal role in leading a team of three dedicated researchers. Your responsibilities encompass designing and planning experiments, developing protocols, communicating objectives to the team, and providing guidance and mentorship. Additionally, your role involves bridging the gap between R&D and other departments, including Operations and Business Development, by effectively communicating research findings and understanding the needs in these departments.

Team Leadership

Lead and inspire a team of three researchers, fostering a collaborative and innovative research environment. You will be responsible for project planning, protocol development, goal setting, and providing ongoing supervision and mentorship to ensure the team's success.

Optimization and Innovation

Focus on optimizing the rearing of pollinators, primarily bumblebees, and contribute to the development and enhancement of new or existing pollination products. Collaborate closely with Business Development to identify new markets and growth opportunities.

Research Oversight

Oversee and monitor research and development activities across various Biobest subsidiaries, ensuring alignment with the organization's goals and standards.

Networking and Collaboration

Build and maintain a robust scientific network while nurturing partnerships with industry and academic stakeholders. You will also track the progress of existing projects with external partners to ensure successful outcomes.

Publication and Presentation

Disseminate your research findings by publishing results in peer-reviewed journals and presenting them at both internal and external meetings.

Reporting & communication

Report directly to the Director of R&D, sharing updates on your team's progress and achievements. Communicate R&D achievements to other departments, such as Sales, Operation, and Business Development.

Your profile

  • A master’s degree in Biological Sciences, such as Biology, Biochemistry, or Bioscience Engineering, with a preference for candidates with a Ph.D. In addition, a minimum of 4 years in the field of applied entomology is required, with a strong preference for candidates who have specialized in areas related to pollination or social insect behaviour or ecology. You are familiar with insect biology and microbiology.
  • Demonstrated market-oriented research experience, highlighting your ability to translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions that align with market demands.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. The ability to convey complex scientific ideas in a clear and accessible manner is essential.
  • Preferably, you have prior experience in leading a team of junior researchers.
  • You can express yourself fluently in English (both written and spoken). Knowledge of additional languages, such as Dutch, French, or Spanish is an asset. 

We offer

  • A challenging position in a rapidly expanding company with a leading position in biocontrol and pollination worldwide
  • A great opportunity to develop your career in our R&D department.
  • The position will be located at the Belgian headquarter of the group, international travel to attend workshops and conferences will be part of the job.
  • You will receive an employee contract with a competitive salary package, 
    supplemented with fringe benefits such as a hospital and group insurance, meal vouchers, eco vouchers and a bonus system.

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