Application technology

Biological sprayers are mechanical solutions designed to improve the efficient automatic and even distribution of beneficial mites, and certain insects, into a crop - optimising control while reducing labour.

Challenges to overcome

Manual distribution of beneficials is generally labour intensive and therefore time consuming. To optimise IPM programmes, preventative blanket treatments need to result in even distribution of beneficials throughout the crop and the insects or mites must be unharmed during this process.

To achieve good distribution manually requires a certain level of knowledge, skill, discipline, and focus.

Benefits of application technology

Utilising a quality mechanical applicator can help remove human error from this important process.  
Mechanical airflow can support even distribution, helping to improve the homogeneity of beneficials in the crop. Gentle dispensing can result in even release of unharmed healthy insects and mites.

While helping to reduce labour costs, application technology with multiple release dispensers can rapidly speed up distribution in the crop.

When to use

Replacing manual release of mites and insects, new application technology can be used for preventative blanket or curative hotspot treatments. 

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