Biobest Antalya supports Turkish food safety initiative

Nutrition, food safety and minimising environmental impact have become crucial issues not just in Turkey but worldwide. Unhealthy food production and consumption are being linked to a number of important diseases and health issues in developed and developing countries.

With health costs spiralling in industrialized countries, interest and sensitivities towards healthy food and naturally produced food have risen rapidly in recent years.

At the heart of the Turkish agriculture and tourism, the city of Antalya recently hosted Natural 2016 – the second ‘Turkey Natural Nutrition and Healthy Life Days’. The event attracted over 10,000 visitors.

In line with its values and social responsibility projects, Biobest Antalya − the Turkish subsidiary of the Biobest Group – again took the opportunity to actively participate in the event.

Academics, as well as independent and governmental experts, came together to discuss the future of healthy food in Turkey. Consumers also had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of food safety issues, including the topical issue of chemical residues on fruit and vegetables.  

Visitors to the Biobest Antalya stand at Natural 2016 were able to observe locally produced Biobest bumblebees – Bombus terrestris, as well as beneficials - Nesidiocoris tenuis and Orius Laevigatus at close range. Both biological products are widely used in the region’s tomato and sweet pepper crops. 

“As well as showcasing Biobest products, we invited consumers to visit professional vegetable growing operations,” says Biobest’s Çağlar Çiftçi. “They were able to see for themselves Biobest Antalya’s contribution to sustainable crop management. At the end of the tour they were given residue free vegetables to taste.”

In line with other European countries, major retailers in Turkey are increasingly looking to source fruit and vegetables with minimal chemical residues – this is partly being driven by rising consumer demand.  

“As part of our local community initiative, Biobest Antalya will continue to promote food safety and to increase awareness of healthy residue-free fruit and vegetables to growers and consumers. This includes a local initiative with Biobest hives on display in fresh produce aisles of a major local retail chain.”


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