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We take pride in making the best of nature work for your business. 

We offer tailor-made biological control and pollination strategies for professional growers all over the world. How do we do this? With a broad product range, extensive on the ground experience, and a passion for quality. 

Biological control

The sustainable solution for pest control! Harness the amazing power of our beneficial insects, mites, nematodes and micro-organisms. Use less pesticide, offer a healthy work environment, and most importantly: grow a healthy residue-free crop. Biobest biological and eco friendly solutions for pest and disease control are the answer to today's market demands.

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Biological disease control

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Bumblebee pollination

Discover how we make more than 25 years of pioneering in this field work for your crops: proven and innovative pollination strategies.

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Monitoring and scouting

Sticky traps and rolls, pheromone lures, a variety of trapping systems, ... With our wide range of tools for monitoring and scouting we offer complete solutions to professional growers around the world.   

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Supporting products

Products to boost your beneficials and to bring your plants into optimal shape. We offer a range of supporting products to help you make the best of nature work for your crops. Stable, residue-free, biological, sustainable.

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