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As a pioneer in the production of bumblebees since 1987, Biobest has become one of the world’s leading companies in natural pollination and biological control of pests and diseases. Known since many years for its bumblebees and wide range of beneficial insects, mites and nematodes, the company now offers a complete range of natural solutions including biopesticides, monitoring and scouting tools, pheromones...

With 15 group companies in 5 continents, distributors in more than 60 countries and over 750 employees worldwide, we stand prepared to provide growers with tailor-made advice. We focus on vegetables, ornamentals, soft-fruits and orchards. With the power of our natural solutions, a successful crop goes hand in hand with a healthy product and a clean environment.

Available jobs

Business development

Business Development Director
Product Manager Beneficials


Hoofd Engineering
Assistent Planning
Teamleider Mijten


IPM & Pollination Specialist (ornamentals)
Business Unit Manager China
Area Manager Deutschland
Area Manager Russian speaking countries


Senior Scientist


Medewerker Labo QC


Customer Service Agent
Transport Officer